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Although we have been fortunate for the past 30 years, the flooding during the Halloween 2011 rains, the impacts of Hurricane Andrew and the 17 inches of rain that fell from Hurricane Irene, all remind us that the possibility of flooding exists with every major storm.

Stormwater Master Plan

Overall Report*
Appendix A*

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Flood Warning System

The City of Pompano Beach, in coordination with Broward County, has a warning system to notify residents of impending flood danger. Warnings will be transmitted on public address systems, television, radio, telephone and on a door-to-door basis. Listen for instructions during times of flood risk.

Flood Safety

These are precautionary steps to consider before possible flooding:

  • Listen to radio or television for warnings.
  • Obey warning and evacuation instructions from disaster officials.
  • Know your evacuation zone and route.
  • Take your own essentials (food, toiletries, clothes, blankets, etc.).
  • Turn off the electricity and gas before leaving your home.
  • Bring a battery-operated flashlight.
  • Be careful at all times, particularly at night, and try to remain calm.

Flood Insurance

Most homeowners' insurance policies do not cover property losses due to floodwaters. To insure your property for flood damage, you need a flood insurance policy. If you do not have valid flood insurance, contact an agent immediately. Property owners can insure property; renters can insure possessions.

The City of Pompano Beach participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to provide city residents with the initial qualification to purchase flood insurance. The City also participates in FEMA's Community Rating System (CRS) program to enable our residents to qualify for lower flood insurance premiums.


As part of our stormwater outreach process we are asking customers to aid us by filling out this form. By reporting stormwater related issues, we can better direct our stormwater response and construction program in the future. Thank you for your assistance.

Download Questionnaire - Stormwater Public Outreach on Flooding due to Rainfall

Property Protection

There are ways to minimize property losses from flood damage, including:

Move furniture and other household valuables to rooms or spaces in the upper story of a two-story dwelling or a location higher than the regular floor elevation in a single story home.

Place sandbags in strategic places around your property prior to flooding. When sandbags are placed correctly at proper locations they can slow up and divert floodwaters.

Upgrading your property can include building floodwalls or elevating a structure.

Major Improvements

The NFIP and the Florida Building Code require the entire building to conform to the requirements for a new building when building repairs or alterations exceed 50 percent of the building's market value. All applicable building permit applications must conform to this requirement when submitted to the Building Department. The requirement may also apply if a building is substantially damaged due to flooding.

City Of Pompano Beach Flood Ordinance Requirements

The City of Pompano Beach Flood Ordinance 152.29 (C) requires higher standards for the finished floor elevation for new construction and substantial improvements. Developers should consider this prior to development and permitting. Information regarding this ordinance or any flood related issues can be obtained from the Building Division located on the 3rd floor of City Hall at 100 West Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater is managed through a system of drainage canals maintained regularly by our Public Works Department and the Broward County Office of Environmental Services. Constant water flow through these canals, especially during heavy storms, is essential to flood prevention in the city. City and state laws prohibit dumping trash in waterways. Report violators to Public Works at 954.786.4060.

FEMA Information

Although we have been fortunate for the past 30 years, the flooding during the Halloween 2011 rains, the impacts of Hurricane Andrew and the 17 inches of rain that fell from Hurricane Irene, all remind us that the possibility of flooding exists with every major storm.

Flood Hazard Map

The City's Engineering Department has prepared a Flood Criteria Map identifying flood zones for all properties in the city; it determines the flood hazard associated with any parcel in the city. The map is located in the Building Department at City Hall.

Development Permits and "Substantial Improvements"

All development (new construction, additions, renovations, alterations to properties, etc.) in the City of Pompano Beach require a construction permit.

Natural Habitat

State regulations protect those natural areas that help to reduce the risks associated with flooding. Along the beach, no new structures are permitted seaward of the Coastal Construction Line without permission. Other restrictions prevent some wetland areas from development.

Annual Progress Report

The Annual Progress Report evaluates the current practices which insure that all new structures are built above the 100 year floodplain.

Flood Hazard Brochure