Official Website of the City of Pompano Beach

What programs are accepting applications?

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), First Time Homebuyer Program (FTHB), Revolving Loan Fund Program (RLF) & the Hardest Hit Program.

How does the NSP Program work?

The purpose of the program is to stabilize communities that have suffered from foreclosures and abandonment. Through the purchase, redevelopment and sale of foreclosed and abandoned homes and residential properties, the City can transform vacant, abandoned properties into owner occupied and maintained homes that contribute positively to our community and stabilize impacted neighborhoods.

How do contractors qualify to do business for the Office of Housing and Urban Improvement?

A contractors workshop is given each year usually during the fall for new contractors interested in doing business with OHUI (Office of Housing and Urban Improvement) or if the contractor is a subcontractor with an existing general contractor that does business which us then they would qualify through the GC (general contractor) currently qualified with OHUI. For more details please contact our main office at 954-786-4659.

How much can an applicant receive in assistance through the Exterior Home Improvement Curb Appeal Program?

The program is currently closed at this time. However, when the program reopens funds provides one-time grants up to $10,000 for renovation of the exteriors and/or yards of owner occupied single family homes.

What is the Revolving Loan Fund Program?

The program offers reasonably priced credit to help businesses grow. In exchange for receiving these loans the businesses must use the loan money to create and/or retain full-time jobs lasting at least one year for every $20,000 loaned.

What is the Hardest Hit Program and how does it work?

Florida Housing under the direction of the U.S. Department of Treasury creates and administers foreclosure prevention assistance programs that address the unique issues of our state. A portion of these funds are specifically targeted for unemployment programs that provide temporary assistance to eligible homeowners. For more information on our programs please contact us at (954) 786-4659 Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or via email at