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Painted Pompano

The Fish are installed! Click here to find out where they are swimming.

The Painted Pompano series will be the City of Pompano Beach's first large public art installation. The project consists of 12 five foot tall pompano statues to be placed in various locations throughout the City. Each of the Painted Pompano sculptures has been individualized by artists in a variety of styles and finishes.

On March 23, 2015, the twelve fish sculptures were unveiled. The finished Painted Pompano fish sculptures were also on display at the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival to be held April 24th through the 26th.Keep your eyes on the street for the Painted Pompano and for many new public art projects that will be rolled out in the upcoming years.

We would like to offer a giant thanks to the following artists who have done such an amazing job in making this project a reality:

Artist and Sculpture Title:
William Braemer "Splash of Splendor"
Caron Bowman "Mermaid"
Jim Collins "Pop Pop's Pompano"
Prince Emmanuel Abiodun Aderele "Colors of Pompano"
Brenda Gordon "Yellow Polka Dots"
Deborah Gregg "Big Fish Small Pond"
Brenda Leigh "Leaping Lady"
Tim McClellan "Anatomy of Pompano"
Missy Pierce "Pompano Romp"
Agata Ren "Pompano Pop"
Gene Shurakov AKA "MrFingertips" "Silver Streak"
Magnus Sebastian (Stand In) "Rusty Guppy"