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What is a Business Tax Receipt (BTR)? (Formerly known as an Occupational License.)

A BTR is a tax for the privilege of engaging in or managing a business, profession, or occupation within the city limits. (The Florida Legislature recently enacted legislation which amended references to Occupational License. Effective January 1st, 2007, the term "Occupational License was amended to read "Business Tax Receipt" and the term "Occupational License Fee" was amended to read "Business Tax Receipt.")

Do I need a City Business Tax Receipt if I have a Broward County Tax Receipt?

Yes. If your business is located inside the City of Pompano Beach city limits, a City issued BTR is required.

Which tax receipt do I obtain first?

Applicants should first obtain a BTR from the City of Pompano Beach prior to obtaining a Broward County Tax Receipt.

What documents do I need to bring with me when applying for a BTR?

If you have a corporation, a copy of your certificate of incorporation, or a printed copy from Sun Biz is required. If you are using a fictitious name, a copy of your fictitious name registration with the Florida Department of State is required. If you are a contractor, a copy of your Broward County Certificate of Competency or State Certification is required. If you hold a State or County license of any type, a copy is required. If you are an auto repair shop of any type, a copy of your registration with the Department of Agriculture is required. If you are opening a restaurant or planning to sell food, please contact Department of Business and Professional Relations (DBPR).

Please contact the BTR Division at 954.786.4668 or 954.786.4633 to verify if any other documents are required

Can I pay for a new Business Tax Receipt application online?

Currently, the internet can only be utilized to renew online. All new applications must be processed in City Hall. We appreciate your patience and will continue to work diligently to expand our online services.

Who can renew online?

Businesses with BTR classifications beginning with 003-001 and ending with 193-001 can be renewed online. EXCEPTIONS: Click here for a list of classifications that require documentation prior to renewal and therefore cannot be renewed online.

Why am I being asked for additional requirements when I renew online?

The Mayor's Stimulus Task Force recognized the complexities of determining how an economy, and efforts to stimulate that economy, are performing without the information to track and measure progress. Information such as the type and size of businesses and the number of employees is of great value to understanding the type and extent of economic development in the city. Click here for instructions on how to fill out the "additional requirements."

How long will it take to get my Business Tax Receipt?

Once we receive a completed BTR application you should get your Business Tax Receipt in the mail in approximately five to ten working days. Please be aware that zoning approval is required prior to the approval of a BTR application.

What is a Zoning Certificate Application?

A Zoning Certificate application is a document requesting verification that a proposed use complies with the applicable zoning code requirements and is necessary in most situations prior to submission of a Business Tax Receipt application. Approval of a Zoning Certificate does not give you permission to open for business.

Approval of the Zoning Certificate is only good for 60 days after which you must re-apply and pay a new fee. After zoning approval is obtained, you must complete a BTR application and pay the appropriate fees before opening for business.

Please be advised that some businesses require additional documentation to verify that the proposed use is permitted. For more information, refer to the Zoning Certificate Checklist.

Why do I need to fill out an affidavit?

An affidavit is a notarized written statement. When a BTR application is filed, the city frequently requests that a business owner sign affidavits as a way to ensure that he/she has read, understands and will abide by certain regulations. Since most business operators do not submit a detailed business/operation plan to the city, the affidavits assure the city that the operation complies with certain important regulations. All businesses are required to fill out an Outdoor Activity Affidavit at the time a Zoning Certificate is filed.

If you are applying for either a BTR or Zoning Certificate, please contact the BTR Division 954.786.4668 or 954.786.4633 to verify if any other affidavits are needed. The most commonly used affidavits are provided at the top of this page.

What businesses are located in Pompano Beach?

Please download the following links for a list of the Business Tax Receipts (BTR) issued to businesses within the city. The list is organized according to business use classification and includes information such as business name, address, phone number and account number. For quicker downloads, the information has been broken up into the following groupings:

Business Tax Receipt: Classifications A-Z

Business Tax Receipt: Total per Classification

Please note, this list is for informational purposes only and is not an official list of active BTRs. The list includes some expired BTRs and those that are under review. To verify if a BTR is active, please contact the Business Tax Receipt office at 954.786.4668 or 954.786.4633.

How do I know if my contractor's registration with the City of Pompano Beach Development Services Department is up-to-date?

You can now view the status of registered contractors online using these simple steps. Click here for instructions to using this resource.

How do I register a complaint about a company?

  • Broward County Consumer Affairs Division: 115 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale 954.765.4400
  • Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida: 561.842.1918 or go to
  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: 1.800.435.7352
  • Florida Department of Insurance: 1.800.342.2762
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations:1.850.487.1395
  • HRS-Broward County Child Care Licensing:954.537.2800
  • Florida Department of Financial Regulations: 1.800.298.0485
  • Lemon law Program: 1.800.321.5366
  • Division of Motor Vehicles: 561.640.6820
  • Florida Attorney General's Office: 954.712.4600

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