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City Hall Main Building
100 West Atlantic Boulevard
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060 - Third Floor

Lobby Hours Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm
Phone: 954.786.4634
Fax: 954.786.4666

Rezoning's and Site Plans submitted to the City since 2010
This is an interactive map highlighting the areas of the City of Pompano Beach where development is proposed. The map allows the user to zoom in, zoom out, and pan to any part of the City. When you click on the map, a window will pop up provide a brief detail of the underlying property. The map shows the City Commission Districts and Community Redevelopment Areas (CRA) in addition to the site plans and rezoning's that are proposed. Below you will find a table of the abbreviations you will encounter while clicking on the map. If you have any questions about a particular project, you can contact the Project Planner and you can reference the Project Year, Project Number, or Project Description. If you would like to view this map in a new window click here.

Updated 12/27/17
Abbreviation Full Word or Phrase(s) Abbreviation Full Word or Phrase(s)
FID Feature Identification LUPA Land Use Plan Amendment
FOLIO Tax Folio Number PZPTDS Project Type Description
PROJYEAR Project Year PZPSDS Project Status Description
PROJNUM Project Number PZPAL1 Planning & Zoning Additional Information
PZNAME Name of Owner PZPAL2 Planning & Zoning Additional Information
PZPTYP Project Type PZPLNM Planner Name & Phone Number
MSP Major Site Plan PZPDES Project Description
City Commission Districts
CRA Districts

Site Plans
Rezonings/ Land Use Amendments
Planning and Zoning Contacts
Name / Email Description Phone / Fax
For all general zoning inquiries please call the zoning help desk or send an Email 954.786.4679
Development Services Director 954.786.4664
Assistant Development Services Director 954.786.4640
Site Plans, Initial Development Meeting, Nonconformities, CRS Coordinator 954.545.7780
Alcoholic Beverage Licenses, Assisted Living Facilities, Sexually Oriented Businesses, Zoning Use Certificates 954.786.5541
Site-Specific Rezonings, Land Use Plan Amendments, Historic Preservation, Quiet Zones, Plat Applications, Vacations, Abandonments, Flex Allocation, MPO Contact 954.786.7921
Zoning Compliance Permits, Site Plans 954.786.5554
Planning and Zoning Board, Site Plan Pre-Application Meetings, Historic Preservation Committee, Zoning Compliance Permits 954.786.4652
Development Review Committee, Architectural Appearance Committee, Zoning Compliance Permits 954.545.7792
Zoning Compliance Permits 954.786.4676
Zoning Compliance Permits, Site Plans 954.786.4662
Special Exceptions, Variances, Site Plans 954.786.4667
Landscape Architecture, Telecommunication Facilities, Zoning Compliance Permits, PD Rezonings, Site Plans 954.545.7778
Urban Design, Site Plans 954.786.5561
Zoning Board of Appeals 954.786.4629