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Development and Environmental Review is a two step process. The applicant will first receive a Development Review AKA Transportation Concurrency and then and Environmental Review immediately after. Each review will yield an approval certificate that should be presented to the City Building Department before 30 days to avoid expiration and additional fees.

As part of the Broward County Development & Environmental Review, the Environmental Review Approval is an important step in the process of obtaining a building or construction permit in Broward County. Review and approval from the Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department’s (EPGMD) Planning & Development Management Division (PDMD) serves as verification that all required environmental licenses and pending environmental enforcement issues related to the County’s Natural Resource Protection Code (the Code) have been resolved. Environmental operation licenses which will be required at the completion of the project are also identified.

Applicants are required to complete online application forms to receive Environmental Review approval. Environmental Review can be completed entirely online through Broward County’s ePermits System at Upon confirmation of compliance, Environmental Review approval will be granted. Most evaluations require payment of an approval review fee. The size and nature of the project dictate the fee which cannot be determined until review of the project is completed. Fees for Environmental Review approval may be paid by E-Check, cash, check or credit card.

Approved plans become invalid if not submitted to the relevant municipal or county agency within thirty days.


Building Construction

  • All new building construction, residential or non-residential (E-Permit only)
  • All additions to non-residential buildings
  • All interior alterations to industrial buildings or warehouses if a building permit is required
  • All interior alterations to commercial or office buildings where a change in use or seating capacity will occur or where the building has been vacant for six months or more if a building permit is required
  • Final interior construction of existing shell buildings if a building permit is required
  • All foundations or slabs

Site Preparation and Infrastructure

  • New construction or expansion of all roads and bridges
  • Driveways, fences and sheds for residential buildings located in the Broward Municipal Services District (BMSD) only (formerly known as Unincorporated Broward County)
  • Land clearing and grubbing
  • Fill for areas located in or near wetland zones
  • Wireless antennas & equipment
  • Tree removal in the BMSD and certain municipalities
  • Construction of docks, sea walls, boat ramps and bulkheads
  • Commercial driveways and parking lots
  • All drainage projects, including those in independent drainage districts

Other Impacts

  • Conversion from septic tank to city sewer
  • All work performed near the ocean
  • All new or replacement emergency generators, excluding portable generators
  • All open burning
  • All landfill and solid waste transfer facilities
  • All new commercial or multifamily swimming pool construction
  • Installation or modification of above or below ground storage tank systems
  • Temporary buildings and construction trailers

Projects Which Do NOT Require Environmental Review Approval

  • Interior renovation to individual condo units
  • Additions or interior remodeling of a home with no increase in the number of dwelling units
  • Residential emergency generators
  • Residential fences (except for locations in the BMSD)
  • Residential swimming pools
  • Residential slabs
  • Residential balcony enclosures
  • Carports for single family residences
  • Screen porches on existing slabs
  • Condo conversion that do not include the installation or replacement of cooling towers/ chillers or emergency generators
  • Traffic striping
  • Tree Trimming (excluding mangroves)
  • Landscaping
  • Utility pole installation
  • Well construction
  • Installation of compressed gas tanks
  • Painting of buildings
  • Sand blasting and pressure cleaning
  • Sidewalk installation and replacement
  • The installation of outdoor recreation equipment such as swings and slides
  • Routine maintenance of grounds and equipment
  • Installation of security, telephone, intercom, and public-address systems
  • Septic tank and drain field repair
  • Construction or installation of signs
  • Improvements to mobile homes
  • Placement of mobile homes on existing slabs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Electrical installations which do not involve the installation of pollution control equipment
  • Installation of lawn sprinklers
  • Installation of residential satellite dishes and TV antennas

2 Options for Review:

- E-Permits Main Page
- E-Permits Sign In

  • Fill out application online, uploads plans, pay and print approval without having to come our office

Walk in plans

  • Walk in hours are from 8am-12pm (Last application accepted at 11:00am)

If you have any demolition/asbestos questions, please contact or call (954) 519-0340

Broward County's office location is:
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Planning & Development Management Division
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Phone: (954) 357-6666
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