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G.O. Pompano!

What's New with GO Pompano

GO Pompano! Moving Forward with excellent credit rating. To read the full article please see this link.

G.O. Bond Project Prioritization List

On April 24, 2018, the City Commission approved the following G.O. Bond project prioritization list. The City will be selling G.O. bonds in two phases. The first bonds will be sold in the fall of 2018, in order to have the funds needed to design all 25 G.O. Bond projects, but to only pay for the construction costs associated with the “Phase I” projects shown below. By the fall of 2021, the City will be selling the remaining G.O. Bonds, in order to raise the funds needed to pay the constructions costs for the projects labeled as “Phase II”. The City anticipates that it may take up to 3 years from the time that the City has G.O. Bond monies in hand to complete G.O. Bond projects. As an example, “Phase I” projects would be completed by the fall of 2021 and “Phase II” projects would be completed by the fall of 2024.

GO Pompano! Update: A Race to the Drawing Board!

From April through July, the City of Pompano Beach held a series of 36 public outreach meetings on the GO Pompano! projects. During the meetings, the City gathered tons of helpful ideas from you and your neighbors. Now that the City has your ideas in hand, it’s a race to the drawing board! There are only a couple more steps before our designers can put pen to paper on the GO Pompano! projects.

Here’s what needs to be done before the City starts the design phase, and a look at some exciting milestones that will follow:

Step 1: Approval of Builder Contracts – The city plans to approve all Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) contracts by September 24th. In a CMAR contract, Construction Managers agree to complete their project within a guaranteed maximum price. This ensures the City is not responsible for any unforeseen costs that may arise once construction begins.

Step 2: Project Kickoff Meetings – Now that the City’s heard from residents, City departments must meet with design and construction teams on each to project to relay your ideas as well as theirs. These meetings will take place throughout the month of September.

Step 3: Design (Phase I) – Designers typically break down projects into three phases: 30%, 60% and 90%. During Phase I, designers will work on the 30% phase, which includes initial budgets and the basic details of each design. This step begins in September and should be completed by the end of the year.

Step 4: Lifeguard Stations Complete – The installation of the new lifeguard towers will be completed by the end of the year, which means residents can look forward to enhanced public safety on our beaches very soon!

Step 5: Breaking Ground on MLK Jr. Blvd & Amphitheater Covering – By the end of the year, the City also expects to break ground on the improvements to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, as well as the Amphitheater Renovation.

Now that the City’s heard from residents, GO Pompano! is on the verge of design. GO Pompano! is a big job and we couldn’t do it without you. So, to everyone who came out to our public meetings: Thank You!

Projects last updated 9/17/19

Project Name Total Project Cost District Phase I Phase II Comments Project Description Public Meeting I Public Meeting II Construction Start
A1A Improvements $16,940,000 1 $8,470,000 $8,470,000 The Public Outreach Program is completed and public comments have been incorporated into the final conceptual plan. Primarily the efforts will focus on better access management with new planted median and openings, improved mobility and safety ,pedestrian crosswalks and traffic calming measures. Initial discussions have begun with FDOT in order to proposed a conceptual access management plan with supporting traffic data to support the proposed improvements. This preliminary review process with FDOT is expected to be completed and presented to the City in September with a preliminary cost proposal for review and approval before the 60% plan preparation phase can begin. This cost estimate will involve CMAR participation for constructability and better accuracy. Undergrounding overhead utilities on A1A from Hillsboro Inlet to Terra Mar Drive to reduce power outages during storms and improve the aesthetics of the corridor. Improvements to include widening sidewalks, bike lanes, traffic calming, lighting and other streetscape improvements. 6/5/19 7/24/19 TBD
Amphitheater Renovations $3,500,000 2 $3,500,000   Design/Build Contract under review. Awaiting bonding and contracts to be finalized (bond was received after August 31) Construct an open-air shade structure over the amphitheater seating area built in 1990, including new bathrooms, audio/video, stage lighting and upgrades to ticket booth and concession stand. 5/1/19 N/A TBD
Beach Lifeguard Headquarters Renovation $1,430,000 1 $1,430,000   Stations are under construction. Delivery of materials is delayed. Materials are coming from Georgia under special order. Arrival time is expected by late September. Assembly of stations 1 and 6 should be complete by October 31. Enhance public safety on the beach by replacing four (4) older, outdated lifeguard towers and modernizing the existing Ocean Rescue Building. 5/2/19 N/A TBD
Centennial Park Improvements (Sample McDougal House site) $1,100,000 2 $137,500 $962,500 The 2 public outreach meetings have been completed and a pre-application document set has been submitted for DRC Review (Design Review). DRC review meeting completed, scheduled meeting in September with the city for design review and approvals. Construct an open-air facility for special events, including City-sponsored and resident events, such as weddings, quinceañeras, bar/bat mitzvah’s, parties, anniversaries, receptions, fundraisers and family reunions. 5/1/19 7/18/19 TBD
Collier City Neighborhood Improvements $3,000,000 5 $3,000,000   FPL provided updated layouts. City's electric engineer is finalizing review ahead of executing an agreement with FPL for installation. This project entails analysis, topographic surveying, procurement of necessary easements, design, and installation of light fixtures throughout the Collier City area. This 450-acres neighborhood with approximately 5100 residents and is in need of additional street/pedestrian lighting. The proposed lighting will not only serve to beautify this section of the City, but will also provide for improved safety conditions. In 2010, the Community Redevelopment Agency conducted a survey and 90.6% of survey respondents requested improvements to street lighting due to safety concerns (over 72% of the residents participated in the survey). This initiative will address lighting deficiencies and populate areas that lack tree canopy. 4/24/19 6/26/19 TBD
Dixie Highway Improvements $24,860,000 2, 3, 4 $12,430,000 $12,430,000 Design team to continue working on design plans and submitted preliminary plans to FDOT for review. The main goal is to ascertain FDOT's conditions of approval for a "funnel" effect on eastbound Atlantic Boulevard. Team continued to fine tune plans affecting Dixie Highway between SW 1st Street and NE 10th Street. Upgrade the Dixie Highway corridor from McNab Road to Sample Road, including roadway crossing improvements, bicycle lanes, medians, sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, street furniture and other streetscape improvements. 5/15/19 7/17/19 TBD
Fire Station #114 $6,200,500 5 $6,200,500   City received Certificate of Insurance and issued a Purchase Order. Design and construction team met with Utilities to evaluate options for sewer service. Construct a new fire station to be located at the corner of SW 36th Avenue and McNab Road to reduce response time and enhance fire and emergency services to the area which will include land acquisition and a new 2-story, multi-bay building. 4/22/19 7/31/19 TBD
Fire Station #52 $5,800,000 5 $725,000 $5,075,000 Architect prepared preliminary DRC plans and is evaluating alternatives for possible expansion to a 4-bay facility (subject to land acquisition). Moreover, architect reviewed setback requirements to determine if existing parking on the south can stay or must go. Replace the existing, outdated 41-year old fire station that services Palm Aire and Collier City with a new fire station to reduce response time and enhance fire and emergency services to the area which will include a new 2-story, multi-bay building. 4/22/19 7/31/19 TBD
Fire Station #61 in Northwest Community $5,800,000 4 $5,800,000   Architect prepared preliminary DRC plans and worked on a submittal package for City review. Replace 38-year old fire station located at NW 3rd Avenue south of Copans Road with a new fire station to reduce response time and enhance fire and emergency services to the area which will include a new 2-story, multi-bay building. 5/6/19 7/29/19 TBD
Fire/Emergency Ops Center $18,810,000 4 $1,726,200 $17,083,800 Team focused on scheduling survey, property analysis and programming services. Next stop, kickoff meeting. Construct a new Fire Rescue and Logistics Complex to include an Administrative Center, Emergency Operations Center, and a Fire and EMS distribution center with storage space for emergency apparatus, along with land acquisition for a public parking garage to be located in the Downtown Pompano Transit Oriented Corridor (DPTOC). 5/13/19 7/3/19 TBD
Fishing Pier Replacement $9,000,000 1 $9,000,000   Project is complete. Grand opening ceremony (TBD) is next. Replace existing fishing pier located at 222 N. Pompano Beach Boulevard with a new higher and wider pier to include pedestrian lighting, shade structures, fishing stations and a bait and tackle shop. N/A N/A TBD
Kester Park Improvements $1,452,000 3 $181,500 $1,270,500 The team is concentrating on review and development of the concept plans. Plans require accommodating 2 baseball fields and a new batting cage. Modernizing this 26-year old park by expanding the playground, open fields, ball fields, replacing dug outs and installation of perimeter fencing. 5/28/19 7/15/19 TBD
Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Reconstruction $6,600,000 4 $6,600,000   Contractor has begun early permitting phase with Broward County for drainage and with FDEP for water main improvement. Consultant is expected to submit plans by late October to P&Z and Building services to begin in house permitting process. Consultant will also be working with the CMAR to produce an initial cost estimate and a GMP by November for Review and Negotiations. Street improvements along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard from NW 6th Avenue to I-95, including paving, related drainage and water and sewer facilities within streets, sidewalks, medians, lighting, landscaping, street furniture and other streetscape improvements. 6/3/19 7/29/19 TBD
McNab Road Improvements $10,805,375 1, 3 $1,225,000 $9,580,375 Consultant is coordinating with USCG on submittal requirements and confirm utility mounting on bridge with City Utility Department – Utility shelf vs under bridge. Additionally, the Consultants is evaluating architectural aesthetic options for the City which is to be finalized. Meet with National Marine Fisheries Service based on results of environmental survey—required for environmental resource permit. Meet with CMAR to discuss constructability and traffic control for proposed bridge. Prepare concepts for City Commission in late October. Replace functionally obsolete bridge on McNab Road and beautifying McNab Road corridor between Federal Highway and South Cypress Creek Road, paving, related drainage improvements, sidewalks, bus shelters and benches, lighting, landscaping, street furniture and other streetscape improvements. 4/17/19 6/19/19 TBD
McNair Park Renovations $10,647,000 5 $10,647,000   Cost estimate should be completed by September. The design team met with the primary stakeholders to review and analyze the budget. No design changes until the results of the cost estimate are received analyzed and reviewed by the primary stakeholders. Expand, renovate and equip this multi-functional facility to include lighted synthetic football/soccer field, running track, tennis court, basketball court, playground with water features to include splash pad, meeting rooms, concession and senior center. 4/15/19 6/10/19 TBD
Mitchell Moore Park Improvements $1,396,000 4 $1,396,000   Design team prepared an advanced conceptual plan to share with staff including location of new baseball fields with respect to football field, fencing, parking, and lighting. Next stop is pre-DRC. Upgrades to this facility built in 1991 will include replacement of a grass field with synthetic (field turf), a new scoreboard, additional bleachers and shade structures over the bleacher area. 4/29/19 6/24/19 TBD
NE 33rd Street Improvements $5,975,000 2 $5,975,000   Cost estimate for the 30% design plans should be completed by late September or early October after consultation between the consultant and the CMAR. No design changes are anticipated until this initial estimate is received and analyzed. The designer is evaluating localized ponding and traffic issues. Improvements along NE 33rd Street between Dixie Highway and Federal Highway to include but not be limited to overhead to underground utilities conversion, lighting, irrigation, landscaping, traffic calming, brick paver enhancements, curbing, drainage modifications, paths for shared uses, pavement resurfacing, street furniture and other streetscape improvements. 5/27/19 7/10/19 TBD
North Pompano Park Improvements $3,190,000 2 $3,190,000   Cost estimate should be completed by October after the DRC review process helps to refine the items required for developmental approval. No design changes are be anticipated until this initial cost estimate is received. This will be done in collaboration with the CMAR and will be the basis for future Negotiations and a GMP to abide by project budget and available funding. The plan is moving forward with 3 fields and a picnic area. Upgrades to football/soccer field, playground and park, including land acquisition for expansion. 4/30/19 6/17/19 TBD
Palm Aire Neighborhood Improvements $3,850,000 5 $481,250 $3,368,750 The team reached out to outside government agencies to determine specific requirements such as car setbacks, location of guardrails, etc. The landscape architect met with City staff. Plans are being prepared for pre DRC. Improvements at two bridges spanning the C-14 canal and to the Herb Skolnick Center, including lighting, landscaping and sidewalks. 5/29/19 7/31/19 TBD
Public Safety Complex $6,600,000 3 $825,000 $5,775,000 Design team is surveying the buildings and acquiring and fine tuning the scope of work. Renovate interior space of Public Safety Complex located at 100 SW 3rd Street and 120 SW 3rd Street. 5/28/19 N/A TBD
SE 5th Avenue Bridge Improvements $2,450,000 3 $2,450,000   The team reached out to outside government agencies (South Florida Water Management District) to determine specific requirements such as minimum vertical clearance, navigational channel spacing, etc. The landscape architect met with City staff. Plans are being prepared for pre DRC. Replacement of SE 5th Avenue Bridge, built in 1959, based on FDOT's Bridge Management System report which includes recommendations for repairs to the deck and superstructure as well as substructure components to be replaced which includes pilings and jackets. Bridge will be raised to match vertical clearance at US 1/Federal Highway. 6/4/19 7/22/19 TBD
Senior Citizens Center $8,000,000 4 $8,000,000   The team began the programming and concept phase, developing program and design. Met with staff to go over specifics regarding utilization area and outdoor activities. Construct new senior citizens center to handle increased demand for senior programs in the northwest sector of City. An upscale building will be constructed on property that needs to be acquired. 6/12/19 8/6/19 TBD
Terra Mar Drive Bridge Improvements $1,400,825 1 $1,400,825   The consultant is scheduled to meet with National Marine Fisheries Service based on results of environmental survey to confirm requirement for the environmental resource permit. Coodination with the CMAR -Whiting Turner is currently being arranged to discuss constructability and traffic control for proposed repairs. Team will continue to prepare concepts for submittal to City Departments for review. Improvements to Terra Mar Bridge, built in 1981, based on FDOT's Bridge Management System report which includes repair and replacement recommendations for the deck, superstructure, and substructure. 5/2/19 7/2/19 TBD
Ultimate Sports Park $4,521,000 4 $1,431,000 $3,090,000 The CMAR voluntered to meet with the design team and staff to go over options for access into the park, lighting distribution, future location of the skate park, etc. Team preparing conceptual plans for pre-DRC. A new skate park, soccer/football field and concession/restroom building to be located adjacent to Apollo Park at 1580 NW 3rd Ave. 5/8/19 7/8/19 TBD
Youth Sports Complex $11,088,000 3 $8,316,000 $2,772,000 The City's comments were addressed and a formal application wil be submitted for DRC meeting later in the month of September. The Project architect is also working to finalize research on pre-engineered restroom modules which for now is the choice of structure contemplated for this project given their potential for saving in maintenance and water consumption among other benefits. Multi-use fields for youth sports and activities to include land acquisition, to be located at 700 NE 10th Street, the former Elks Club property, near Community Park. 5/1/19 7/18/19 TBD
Totals $174,415,700 $104,537,775 $69,877,925