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Pompano Beach eBid System

The City of Pompano Beach General Services Department has implemented an electronic procurement system called the eBid system. This web-based system allows for electronic bidder registration, automatic bidder notification of bid opportunities, and electronic bid submission at no cost to vendors. After registering, bidders can manage and update their profiles and view current and awarded solicitations by logging into the eBid system with their user name and password. Additionally, bidders will no longer be required to submit hard copies of solicitations. All solicitations will be submitted electronically using the eBid system. Select the current solicitations link below to view our current solicitations. All potential bidders must be registered in the ebid system and also logged into the eBid system to view and download solicitation documents and any exhibits, drawings, plans, etc.

Staff Contacts
Name Title Phone
Otis J. Thomas General Services Director 954.786.4098
Jill Press Purchasing Supervisor 954.786.4098
Jeffrey English Purchasing Agent 954.786.4098
Tammy Thompkins Purchasing Agent 954.786.4098
Judy Rodriguez Buyer 954.786.4098


1190 NE 3 Avenue
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
Phone: 954.786.4098
Fax: 954.786.4168

Interactive Map of FY2017 Amount Spent With Local Vendors By City Commission District

The City of Pompano Beach has created an interactive map which shows the transactions with local vendors by Commission District for Fiscal Year 2017. To open the map please click on the link below.

Map of FY2017 Amount Spent with Local Vendors by City Commission District

Each colored circle in a Commission District represents a local vendor the City did business with in FY2017. To see individual transactions click on a circle in the Commission District and the vendor name, order amount and address will be displayed. To see the total spent with local vendors in a Commission District click anywhere on the Commission District and the total annual expenditure with vendors in that District will be displayed.

Local Business Program

The City of Pompano Beach is strongly committed to insuring the participation of City of Pompano Beach Businesses as contractors and subcontractors for the procurement of goods and services. Bidders are encouraged to participate in the City of Pompano Beach's voluntary Local Business Program by including, as part of their bid package, the Local Business Participation Form, listing the local businesses that will be used on the contract, and the Letter of Intent Form from each local business that will participate in the contract. Bidders should utilize businesses that are physically located in the City of Pompano Beach with a current Business Tax Receipt. Bidders who are unable to meet the recommended voluntary goals should also provide the Local Business Unavailability Form, listing firms that were contacted but not available, and the Good Faith Effort Report describing the efforts made to include local business participation in the contract.

You can view the list of City businesses that have a current Business Tax Receipt on the City’s website, and locate local firms that are available to perform the work required by the bid specifications. Information is posted in the Business Tax Receipt Frequently Asked Questions page under the section

"What Businesses are located in Pompano Beach".

Download Local Business Forms

Bidder Registration

The City of Pompano Beach General Services Department has implemented an electronic procurement system (eBid System) where bidders can register to be notified of bidding opportunities and respond to bids electronically at no cost. Bidders must complete electronic Bidder Registration to receive bid notices and submit electronic bids. After registering, bidders can manage and update their profiles and view current and awarded solicitations by logging into the eBid System with their user name and password using the eBid System Login link in the Forms and Links section on the Purchasing webpage.

Formal bids (for purchases of goods $75,000 and over) are advertised in the Legal Advertisement section of the Sun-Sentinel. If you have any questions regarding the Application please contact us by telephone at 954.786.4098, or via fax 954.786.4168, or email purchasing. purchasing. Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Pompano Beach.

Bidder Registration
Bidder Registration Commodity Codes

Small Business Enterprise Program

The Pompano Beach City Commission has established a voluntary Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program to encourage and foster the participation of Certified Small Business Enterprises (SBE’s) in the central procurement activities of the City. Small Business Enterprises are defined in Florida State Statute 288.703(1) as independently owned and operated business concerns that employ 200 or fewer permanent full time employees and has a net worth of not more than $5 million. The City will accept certifications from any governmental agency that has a certification program (I.e.: Broward County and State of Florida). To become a certified SBE or determine if your firm qualifies, information can be obtained at the following Internet web sites:

Broward County
State of Florida

Download Small Business Forms

When your firm receives it certification, please login to your eBid account and select the corresponding Special Classification selection. A copy of the certification must be provided to the City of Pompano Beach Purchasing Division via fax 954-786-4168 or by emailing it to General contractors attempting to locate SBE firms to be used in sub-contracting roles to participate in the City of Pompano Beach Voluntary SBE Program can also use the two web sites indicated above. The voluntary program is a part of every construction bid in excess of $150,000 and each services/goods bid in excess of $75,000.