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Utilities Director Randolph Brown Welcome to the Utilities Department website, we are pleased to provide you with water information. I hope you'll find it informative and useful. The water flowing out of your tap has travelled through 274 miles of pipe, and has been treated, disinfected, and tested. Our crews work day and night to inspect and replace this pipe network and continuously treat, test and monitor the quality of the water. We are here to serve you and if you feel that we are not meeting your needs or expectations, please feel free to contact us.

A. Randolph Brown
Utilities Director

Mission Statement

Provide superior utility service while creating exceptional value. Utilities provides water, reuse, wastewater and stormwater services in an environmentally and financially responsible way with respect to the role of government in protecting the public's interest.

Vision Statement

To support the City wide vision and values by being an innovative provider of quality water utility services recognized for quality customer service; environmental stewardship; employee success and long term sustainability.

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City of Pompano Beach Water Quality Safeguards

The City of Pompano Beach has prepared a short summary of the water quality, the current status with lead and copper, as well as some of the steps that are taken every day to ensure the safety and quality of the water.

The City of Pompano Beach conducted the Lead and Copper testing in 2014 with all 30 of the tested sites passing. This test is conducted at customer homes (homes built between 1982 and 1986 mostly) every three years and will be performed again in 2017. Lead has no color and when it is found in drinking water, the source is from materials and components associated with home plumbing (high lead solder was used in homes with copper pipes until 1986) and fixtures. Until recently faucets containing up to 8% lead could be sold. Unfortunately, many homes today still contain faucets with high levels of lead. Besides replacing the faucets and home plumbing, allowing the water to run out of the tap for 30 seconds to 2 minutes each morning before use is the best way to prevent this type of exposure. The City tests the water at the plant to make sure that the water is stable and not corrosive. The addition of a chemical to prevent corrosion to the stable water ensures that any lead that could exist in the customer plumbing remains in the pipe (by forming a coating on the pipe) and is not released into the tap water. Finding the right formulation is critical and the City is fortunate to have a product that works perfectly with our specific water. You may hear other Cities talking about having lead service lines in the system. This is not the case for the City of Pompano Beach, as all lead service lines were removed many years ago.

In addition to the lead and copper testing every three years, we test the water annually for all 80 drinking water compounds. The Utilities laboratory (Chemists and Analysts with four year degrees) tests daily for a series of water quality tests (including those that verify the stability of the water) on the water leaving the plant, while the Water Plant Operators test different locations within the plant every two hours. These Water Plant Operators are state licensed and have passed extensive study, training and a state examination. On-line and automatic analyzers for multiple test parameters continually monitor the water throughout the plant and as the water prepares to leave the plant. These instruments are calibrated daily and the continuous data goes into the computer system that operates the plant. The system has alarms if required levels are exceeded at critical locations.

The water is also tested monthly at 90 locations within the distribution system, going to customer homes and businesses, for bacteria, pH (acidity levels), and chlorine (to check for disinfection). Staff also collects samples monthly for additional water quality tests at 9% of these sites on a rotating basis. The City has seven automatic analyzers in different sections of the City to continuously monitor important water quality indicators such as chlorine. The data from these analyzers is sent to the Water Plant computer system for levels monitoring. Staff checks and calibrate the deployed units weekly for accuracy. Testing is also conducted daily at the farthest point of the water system in order to make sure that disinfection and pH levels at the extremities of the system are within limits.

The source water used to make drinking water (25 wells at about 120 feet underground) is tested quarterly for bacterial levels and annually for water quality tests that help us determine how to best treat the water and when the well needs to be rehabilitated. The City Water Treatment Plant has a 4 log designation by the State which means that we have demonstrated the ability to reduce pathogens in the water by 99.99% and that we are mandated to meet very specific and tight limits for tests to maintain our 4 log designation.

The Broward County Health Department inspects our Water Plant, Wells and Procedures annually to make sure all regulatory requirements are being met. The last inspection was conducted on December 30, 2015. The Health Department also conducts a detailed two to three day inspection and audit every three years. This will be conducted again in 2016.

In addition to the testing and inspections, the City also maintains a systematic and strict compliance program to ensure that all regulations and best practices are implemented and maintained. This includes a rigorous backflow and cross connection control program, flushing program, valve turning program. When new chemicals, treatment processes or other changes to the water production system are implemented, extensive testing and piloting are conducted with Broward County Health Department consultation and assistance.

The Utilities Department understands that we provide water to about 80,000 people in portions of Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point and Lauderdale by the Sea, and that this is a tremendous responsibility and commitment. We know that what we do and how we do it impacts the lives of those we serve. Thank you for placing your trust in us that we will provide you with safe drinking water.


2019 Florida Water Environment Association Safety Award - Class C - 2nd Place

2018 Florida Water Environment Association Safety Award Class A - 2nd Place

2018 Outstanding Website Award by the Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Association

2018 Joseph V. Towry Award for Pompano Beach Utilities Director Randy Brown from the Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Association

2018 Outstanding Website Award from the Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Association

2018 Resilient Utility of the Year from Resilient Utility Coalition

2018 Resilient Project of the Year from Resilient Utility Coalition

2017 Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Association Safety Award

2017 Wastewater Medium-Sized Collection System of the Year Award from the Florida Water Environment Association

2017 Public Education Award for Susyn Stecchi from the Florida Water Environment Association

2014 Utility of the Year Award from the Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association.

2014 David W. York Award for Reuse from the Florida Water Environment Association

2014 Public Education Award for the ICanWater Program from the Florida Water Environment Association.

2013 Top 10 Safety Award from the Florida Water Environment Association

2013 WateReuse Person of the Year Award for Pompano Beach Utilities Director, Randy Brown.

2013 FW&PCOA Nathan Pope Award for Stormwater Systems Operator for City of Pompano Beach Stormwater Supervisor, Duncan Bethel.

2013 1000 Friends of Florida's Community Steward Award.

2013 Florida Water Environment Association Safety Award Class B - 2nd Place

2012 WateReuse Public Education Program of the Year for our ICanWater Campaign.

2012 Cities of Excellence Green Leaf Award for our ICanWater Reuse Connection Program from the Broward League of Cities.

2012 Safety Award from the Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Association.

2011 “Utility Overall” winner for our Utility's Department Safety Program from the Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association.

2011 "Top Ten Safety Award" from the Florida Water Environment Association

2010 Most Improved Water Treatment Plant Award from the Florida Section American Water Works Association.

2008 Utility of the Year Award from the Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association.

2005 David W. York Reuse Project of the Year 5-15 MGD Award from the Florida Water Environment Association.

2004 Best in Class for Reuse Efficiency for a Large Utility Award from the American Water Works Association.