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G.O. Pompano!

What's New with GO Pompano

GO Pompano! Bond Projects Break Ground Throughout City. For more information please see this link.

GO Pompano! Moving Forward with excellent credit rating. To read the full article please see this link.

G.O. Bond Project Prioritization List

On April 24, 2018, the City Commission approved the following G.O. Bond project prioritization list. The City will be selling G.O. bonds in two phases. The first bonds will be sold in the fall of 2018, in order to have the funds needed to design all 25 G.O. Bond projects, but to only pay for the construction costs associated with the “Phase I” projects shown below. By the fall of 2021, the City will be selling the remaining G.O. Bonds, in order to raise the funds needed to pay the constructions costs for the projects labeled as “Phase II”. The City anticipates that it may take up to 3 years from the time that the City has G.O. Bond monies in hand to complete G.O. Bond projects. As an example, “Phase I” projects would be completed by the fall of 2021 and “Phase II” projects would be completed by the fall of 2024.

GO Pompano! Update: Making Progress while Ensuring Safety

There’s not a single business, school, hospital or individual that has avoided disruption from COVID-19—and that includes GO Pompano! Progress continues on most projects, with a few experiencing small delays due to the shutdown and social distancing protocols. Throughout this crisis, the City’s GO Pompano! team has managed to work (safely) behind the scenes to keep things on track.

Here’s an update on the status of GO Pompano!

COVID-19’s Effects on GO Pompano!

Big projects like GO Pompano! have a lot of moving parts. City departments must first review plans, approve and issue permits for each project before construction can begin. Due to the shutdown and ongoing social distancing protocols, many steps in the review process were postponed to accommodate the adoption of virtual meetings.

Fortunately, the team adjusted quickly and adhered to enhanced health and safety protocols, leaving only two projects behind schedule. The Senior Citizens Center—which was scheduled to begin construction in August—is now on track for a groundbreaking in the late fall. While the Amphitheater Renovation project is experiencing similar delays, the City’s team was able to secure a foundation permit, allowing step-one projects—such as clearing the grounds—to begin while they await building permits to start construction.

Most Projects on Track

Despite setbacks, most GO Pompano! projects remain on track. Design teams were able to work remotely throughout the shutdown and haven’t missed a beat. As a result, Dixie Highway Improvements design is 90% complete for phase 1 which is south of Atlantic Boulevard and 50% complete for the rest of the project.

Terra Mar Drive Bridge Improvements design is 65% complete and building permits for the NE 33rd Street Improvements project are expected to arrive soon with construction expected to begin within the next 90 days. Likewise, building permits for Fire Stations #61 and #114 are expected within the next few weeks and construction is expected to begin immediately after. Not to mention, the Lifeguard Stations and the Pompano Beach Fishing Pier have already been completed!

Some Projects Ahead of Schedule

Not only did the GO Pompano! team manage to keep most projects on track through the global pandemic, they also managed to accelerate some projects. The Palm Aire Neighborhood Improvements project is ahead of schedule with design 50% complete. That head start may allow construction to begin sooner than anticipated. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard project is currently under construction and estimated to finish in August 2021—a full month ahead of schedule. Design for the Centennial Park Improvements project is 90% complete, while the design for Fire Station #52 is currently going through the City’s approval process and is expected to receive the necessary building permits nearly a year ahead of schedule. Like the Palm Aire Neighborhood Improvements, it’s possible both projects could begin construction sooner than expected.

Some Projects Ahead of Schedule

At the City of Pompano Beach, health and safety comes first in everything we do—including GO Pompano! The City will continue to make safe and steady progress on these projects while fulfilling our primary responsibility of keeping Pompano Beach residents healthy.

Project List

Project Name Total Project Cost District Phase I Phase II Project Description
A1A Improvements $16,940,000 1 $8,470,000 $8,470,000 Undergrounding overhead utilities on A1A from Hillsboro Inlet to Terra Mar Drive to reduce power outages during storms and improve the aesthetics of the corridor. Improvements to include widening sidewalks, bike lanes, traffic calming, lighting and other streetscape improvements.
Amphitheater Renovations $3,500,000 2 $3,500,000   Construct an open-air shade structure over the amphitheater seating area built in 1990, including new bathrooms, audio/video, stage lighting and upgrades to ticket booth and concession stand.
Beach Lifeguard Headquarters Renovation $1,430,000 1 $1,430,000   Enhance public safety on the beach by replacing four (4) older, outdated lifeguard towers and modernizing the existing Ocean Rescue Building.
Centennial Park Improvements (Sample McDougal House site) $1,100,000 2 $137,500 $962,500 Construct an open-air facility for special events, including City-sponsored and resident events, such as weddings, quinceañeras, bar/bat mitzvah’s, parties, anniversaries, receptions, fundraisers and family reunions.
Collier City Neighborhood Improvements $3,000,000 5 $3,000,000   This project entails analysis, topographic surveying, procurement of necessary easements, design, and installation of light fixtures throughout the Collier City area. This 450-acres neighborhood with approximately 5100 residents and is in need of additional street/pedestrian lighting. The proposed lighting will not only serve to beautify this section of the City, but will also provide for improved safety conditions. In 2010, the Community Redevelopment Agency conducted a survey and 90.6% of survey respondents requested improvements to street lighting due to safety concerns (over 72% of the residents participated in the survey). This initiative will address lighting deficiencies and populate areas that lack tree canopy.
Dixie Highway Improvements $24,860,000 2, 3, 4 $12,430,000 $12,430,000 Upgrade the Dixie Highway corridor from McNab Road to Sample Road, including roadway crossing improvements, bicycle lanes, medians, sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, street furniture and other streetscape improvements.
Fire Station #114 $6,200,500 5 $6,200,500   Construct a new fire station to be located at the corner of SW 36th Avenue and McNab Road to reduce response time and enhance fire and emergency services to the area which will include land acquisition and a new 2-story, multi-bay building.
Fire Station #52 $5,800,000 5 $725,000 $5,075,000 Replace the existing, outdated 41-year old fire station that services Palm Aire and Collier City with a new fire station to reduce response time and enhance fire and emergency services to the area which will include a new 2-story, multi-bay building.
Fire Station #61 in Northwest Community $5,800,000 4 $5,800,000   Replace 38-year old fire station located at NW 3rd Avenue south of Copans Road with a new fire station to reduce response time and enhance fire and emergency services to the area which will include a new 2-story, multi-bay building.
Fire/Emergency Ops Center $18,810,000 4 $1,726,200 $17,083,800 Construct a new Fire Rescue and Logistics Complex to include an Administrative Center, Emergency Operations Center, and a Fire and EMS distribution center with storage space for emergency apparatus, along with land acquisition for a public parking garage to be located in the Downtown Pompano Transit Oriented Corridor (DPTOC).
Fishing Pier Replacement $9,000,000 1 $9,000,000   Replace existing fishing pier located at 222 N. Pompano Beach Boulevard with a new higher and wider pier to include pedestrian lighting, shade structures, fishing stations and a bait and tackle shop.
Kester Park Improvements $1,452,000 3 $181,500 $1,270,500 Modernizing this 26-year old park by expanding the playground, open fields, ball fields, replacing dug outs and installation of perimeter fencing.
Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Reconstruction $6,600,000 4 $6,600,000   Street improvements along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard from NW 6th Avenue to I-95, including paving, related drainage and water and sewer facilities within streets, sidewalks, medians, lighting, landscaping, street furniture and other streetscape improvements.
McNab Road Improvements $10,805,375 1, 3 $1,225,000 $9,580,375 Replace functionally obsolete bridge on McNab Road and beautifying McNab Road corridor between Federal Highway and South Cypress Creek Road, paving, related drainage improvements, sidewalks, bus shelters and benches, lighting, landscaping, street furniture and other streetscape improvements.
McNair Park Renovations $10,647,000 5 $10,647,000   Expand, renovate and equip this multi-functional facility to include lighted synthetic football/soccer field, running track, tennis court, basketball court, playground with water features to include splash pad, meeting rooms, concession and senior center.
Mitchell Moore Park Improvements $1,396,000 4 $1,396,000   Upgrades to this facility built in 1991 will include replacement of a grass field with synthetic (field turf), a new scoreboard, additional bleachers and shade structures over the bleacher area.
NE 33rd Street Improvements $5,975,000 2 $5,975,000   Improvements along NE 33rd Street between Dixie Highway and Federal Highway to include but not be limited to overhead to underground utilities conversion, lighting, irrigation, landscaping, traffic calming, brick paver enhancements, curbing, drainage modifications, paths for shared uses, pavement resurfacing, street furniture and other streetscape improvements.
North Pompano Park Improvements $3,190,000 2 $3,190,000   Upgrades to football/soccer field, playground and park, including land acquisition for expansion.
Palm Aire Neighborhood Improvements $3,850,000 5 $481,250 $3,368,750 Improvements at two bridges spanning the C-14 canal and to the Herb Skolnick Center, including lighting, landscaping and sidewalks.
Public Safety Complex $6,600,000 3 $825,000 $5,775,000 Renovate interior space of Public Safety Complex located at 100 SW 3rd Street and 120 SW 3rd Street.
SE 5th Avenue Bridge Improvements $2,450,000 3 $2,450,000   Replacement of SE 5th Avenue Bridge, built in 1959, based on FDOT's Bridge Management System report which includes recommendations for repairs to the deck and superstructure as well as substructure components to be replaced which includes pilings and jackets. Bridge will be raised to match vertical clearance at US 1/Federal Highway.
Senior Citizens Center $8,000,000 4 $8,000,000   Construct new senior citizens center to handle increased demand for senior programs in the northwest sector of City. An upscale building will be constructed on property that needs to be acquired.
Terra Mar Drive Bridge Improvements $1,400,825 1 $1,400,825   Improvements to Terra Mar Bridge, built in 1981, based on FDOT's Bridge Management System report which includes repair and replacement recommendations for the deck, superstructure, and substructure.
Ultimate Sports Park $4,521,000 4 $1,431,000 $3,090,000 A new skate park, soccer/football field and concession/restroom building to be located adjacent to Apollo Park at 1580 NW 3rd Ave.
Youth Sports Complex $11,088,000 3 $8,316,000 $2,772,000 Multi-use fields for youth sports and activities to include land acquisition, to be located at 700 NE 10th Street, the former Elks Club property, near Community Park.
Totals $174,415,700 $104,537,775 $69,877,925