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As we streamline our processes we know there will be some questions and we are here to answer those for you.

When does City of Pompano Beach accept grant requests?

City of Pompano Beach only reviews sponsorship requests once a year. Please review the Partnership Guidelines for information as to when the application is open.

What type of sponsorship opportunities is City of Pompano Beach looking for?

The City of Pompano Beach supports a variety of nonprofit organizations with a special emphasis on those that work to achieve our goals and objects and highlight our rich cultural make-up as a community, in particular those that support workforce readiness, education, senior assistance and/or community events. Please review our funding priorities for more on the specifics. Most importantly, the City of Pompano Beach is looking for opportunities where we can have a strong partnership with a charity/nonprofit partner.

How do I apply for a sponsorship?

Your first step is to determine that your organization fits within City of Pompano Beach Giving Guidelines. Once you have read all of our stated guidelines as well as our frequently asked questions and believe your organization falls within these parameters you are welcome to fill out the Sponsorship Application form.

Can a nonprofit request for in-kind donations?

Currently the City is not taking in-kind requests through this nonprofit sponsorship application process. Only cash will be awarded at this time.

How many programs/events can a nonprofit apply for?

A nonprofit may apply for up to two (2) programs or events in the same application. The City may award both opportunities, one of the opportunities or none of the opportunities based on the funding available.

What if I do not have some of the dates/details of events ready for the sponsorship application?

While it is preferred that all of the information be submitted so that the city can plan accordingly, if you do not have certain details about your event, please provide us with your best answer. Should your organization be funded, it will be the nonprofit's responsibility to inform us of the new date.

Where do I send my sponsorship request?

All sponsorship requests must be submitted through the sponsorship application process during the open period in which the city reviews the sponsorships requests. Please review the Partnership Guidelines for information as to when the application is open.

Is all the requested information required for the initial request?

All requested information is required to evaluate an application. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

What type of budget does my nonprofit need to provide?

Nonprofits are to provide a budget for the program or event they are submitting a sponsorship application for. Nonprofits do not need to submit their organization’s overall budget.

What is City of Pompano Beach’s sponsorship review process?

City of Pompano Beach will have an open period for all nonprofits to submit their sponsorship requests. Please review the Partnership Guidelines for information as to when the application is open. Once the open period is closed, it is initially determined whether the organization falls within the City of Pompano Beach Partnerships Guidelines. If the request meets the preliminary guidelines/requirements, it will then be reviewed by a committee of individuals.

How will a nonprofit be scored?

Nonprofits will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Organization meets several of the partnership guidelines: 10 points
  • Quality and significance of events/programs: 10 points
  • Programs/Events position the City of Pompano Beach in front of key target groups/audiences based on partnership guidelines and budget priorities: 15 points
  • Programs/Events affect the City of Pompano Beach as a whole: 25 points
  • Programs/Events offer good exposure for the City of Pompano Beach: 10 points
  • Reputation as an established organization in Broward County: 10 points
  • Evidence of City of Pompano Beach resident involvement: 5 points
  • Based on the budget, the events/programs are affordable: 10 points
  • Overall assessment of application: 5 points

If a nonprofit receives sponsorship through a separate grant from the City, would this hinder their chances of being funded through the nonprofit application process?

Yes, due to limited funding a nonprofit that is currently being funded through a separate grant from the City of Pompano Beach may not be funded through this particular nonprofit sponsorship application process.

How do I check on my sponsorship request?

We will announce our sponsorship partnerships by the end of August. Please make certain we have the correct contact information when submitting the sponsorship application form. Based on staffing, we are not able to respond to calls for status checks.

How will I be contacted regarding the status of my grant request?

An e-mail will be sent with information regarding our announcement of our sponsorship partnerships. Please make certain we have the correct contact information when submitting the sponsorship application form.

What is the anticipated award amount?

Sponsorships are funded based on the type of partnership the City may have with the organization and the impact the program/event will have. However, the anticipated average funded amount per nonprofit is expected to range between $5,000-$15,000.

Is there a limit on how much a nonprofit can request?

There is not a limit on how much a nonprofit can request. A nonprofit can request what is needed for their event/program. However, the anticipated average funded amount per nonprofit is expected to range between $5,000-$15,000.

How will the award money be allocated per type of organization?

Based on the listed Funding Priorities, the number of applications received and the award money available, the City of Pompano Beach plans to distribute the allocation in the following ways:
Workforce Readiness: 40%
Education: 30%
Senior Assistance: 20%
Community Events: 10%

How will the nonprofits funded receive their reimbursement?

Pending the amount awarded, the City is exploring distributing the funding in waves. Nonprofits that receive larger sponsorship awards will receive funding in percentages “or waves” once the nonprofit has completed any reporting that is required. Exceptions may be made for smaller grants. Additional information will be shared on our website once the language in the contract is approved by the City’s legal department.

Does my nonprofit have to receive a match to be awarded funding?

The City of Pompano Beach gives preference to nonprofits that have a matching gift component as part of their overall budget; however, it will not be the sole factor in selecting the funded nonprofits. Nonprofits that indicate they have received a match and are funded may be asked to provide additional documentation.

What is a matching gift?

A matching gift is a donation made to a non-profit which is tied to a separate contribution by another donor. The matching gift could be dollar for dollar or a partial match for each dollar, and sometimes the matching gifts can be multiples of the original donation.

If a nonprofit has any disallowed expenditures on the submitted budget, will the entire submission get disqualified?

If any disallowed costs are listed on a nonprofit’s program/event budget, the amount listed will be taken out of the overall amount awarded.

Can the award cover a salary of a nonprofit staff member?

Yes, the money awarded can be used to pay for the salary of a nonprofit staff member as it relates to the program or event the City is funding. However, the City will not cover the cost of honorariums for presenters/speakers for events.

Will the award pay for out-of-state travel; non-local travel expenses?

The award will not pay for out of state travel or travel outside of Broward County.

Can a private foundation apply for funding?

The City will not award money to private foundations. A private foundation is an independent legal entity set up for solely charitable purposes. Unlike a public charity, which relies on public fundraising to support it’s activities, the funding for a private foundation typically comes from a single individual, a family, or a corporation, which receives a tax deduction for donations.

If the nonprofit is a faith-based group can it apply for funding?

Yes, a faith-based group can apply for funding as long as the program or event does not promote a particular religious faith, creed or doctrine.

Does the sponsorship award cover luncheons or banquets?

Unfortunately, the sponsorship award cannot be used to pay for a luncheon or banquet. A luncheon or banquet is considered a light meal of more formal character usually for a group of people in a public dining room (such as at a social, club or a business meeting).

May my organization apply for more than one sponsorship request per year?

We typically do not consider more than one sponsorship request per fiscal year (October - September) for each organization.

What other opportunities will be given to a nonprofit that may not be funded

Should a nonprofit not be funded, the City will be updating a resource page on its community webpage with free or inexpensive workshops/seminars/trainings for nonprofits as well other community and City grant opportunities.

Is there a character limit on the application?

No, there is not a character limit.

Where can I find my 990 Form?

Form 990 is the IRS’ primary tool for gathering information about tax-exempt organizations, educating organizations about tax law requirements and promoting compliance. Organizations also use the Form 990 to share information with the public about their programs. Your organization should have their most recent filing on file. If not please check with GuideStar or your IRS account.

If my organization does not have our previous year’s tax filing because we are a new nonprofit are we eligible to apply?

Unfortunately, no all organizations must have proof of their previous year’s 990 form.

My organization is not a Not For Profit Corporation authorized to do business in the State of Florida. Can we apply for funding?

Unfortunately, no. All awarded groups must be categorized as a Not For Profit Corporation authorized to do business in the State of Florida with their tax exempt status.

My organization has a pending 501c3 status. Can we apply for funding?

No, organizations with a pending 501c3 status will not be considered. All awarded groups must be categorized as a Not For Profit Corporation authorized to do business in the State of Florida with their tax exempt status.

Is there a contact if I have any questions?

Please direct any questions about the application process to Nicole Almeida, Accounts Manager. You may reach her at: Please title the subject line of the email to read: City of Pompano Beach Community Partnership Request for (Name of Your Organization).