City Announces Actions to Address Spread of Coronavirus. See this link for more information.

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Building Inspections - Contact Information

Pompano Beach City Hall is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 event. The majority of our staff are continuing to work remotely. We are still accepting submissions for permitting online, as well as through our new Dropbox, located on the North Side of City Hall. You can submit the following items in a sealed envelope:

- New Permit Applications & Corrections (include permit #)
- Business Tax Submissions & renewals
- Lien Search Requests & payments
- Planning & Zoning Submissions

Inspections will continue, but are limited to Commercial and Essential Permits at this time. We are temporarily setting the deadline for next day inspections at 4PM to allow Inspectors to prepare for the next day.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding.
Building Official and Chief Contacts
Name / Email Position Phone
Building Official 954.786.4672
Assistant Building Official 954.786.4062
Secretary to the Building Officials 954.786.4672
Chief Building Inspector 954.786.4651
Chief Electrical Inspector 954.786.4524
Chief Mechanical Inspector 954.786.4663
Chief Plumbing Inspector 954.786.4548
Other Contacts and Forms
Contact Phone Fax Forms
Alarm Registration, Renewal and Billing
954.786.5558 954.786.4667 Alarm Registration Form
Records and Research Supervisor
954.786.4069 954.786.4063
Lien Search
954.786.5573 954.786.4667 Lien Inquiry Form
954.786.7801 954.786.4667 Lien Inquiry Form
Contractor Registration
Business Tax Receipt Division 954.786.4633 954.786.4666 Contractor Registration Form
Old Delinquent Permits
Plans Coordinator
Permit Expeditors
Flood Insurance and Rating System
Flood Information Page 954.545.7780
For Customer Service
Building Inspections 954.786.4669 954.786.4677 List of Customer Service Personnel