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About the CRA

What is a CRA? A Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a dependent district established by City government for the purpose of carrying out redevelopment activities that include reducing or eliminating blight, improving the economic health of an area, and encouraging public and private investments in a CRA district. The CRA is governed by State Statutes, Chapter 163, Part III. The Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency is funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). The funds are collected as property values increase and a portion of that increase is captured by the Agency. TIF raises revenue for redevelopment efforts without raising taxes. CRA's have been used by many cities in Florida to revitalize urban areas. Other city examples include Ft. Lauderdale (beach), Hollywood (beach), Delray Beach and Sarasota. An important part of creating a CRA is the preparation and adoption of a CRA Master Redevelopment Plan, which sets forth the programs for improvement for the redevelopment area.

CRA Board

The City Commission sits as the Board of Directors.

Chair: Rex Hardin
Vice-Chair: Beverly Perkins
Board Member: Andrea McGee
Board Member: Rhonda Eaton
Board Member: Tom McMahon
Board Member: Cyndy Floyd

CRA Board Meetings

CRA Board Meetings are held monthly, in the City Hall Commission Chambers, 100 West Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach, on the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:30 p.m. All meetings of the CRA are open to the public and can be watched live on Channel 78 or you can now watch on your computer with web streaming. View the meetings page.