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Downtown Pompano Beach

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The Vision

The City and the CRA’s vision is to create a vibrant and pedestrian friendly, mixed-use environment throughout the entire Downtown. The redevelopment is inspired by the global rise of the “Innovation District” concept that emphasizes a combination of business, technical, corporate, government, hospitality, education and cultural uses. Innovation districts embody the notion of “live, work, play” environments by integrating a variety of daytime (office, commercial, retail, technical, etc.) and nighttime (restaurants, breweries, cultural arts, hospitality etc.) economic uses with a dense residential component. New developments in the Downtown will consist of active uses on the ground floor and residential and commercial uses on the upper floors. Creating economic opportunities for residents is a goal of the CRA; proposed uses in the Innovation District should therefore promote job growth, preferably with high wage job opportunities.

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Size and Location

acres and the assemblages range up to 7.7 acres. The western-most portion of the site (located along I-95) is one of the only assemblages left in south Florida that is undeveloped along the busy I-95 corridor with a major exit to an urban area and to the Atlantic Ocean. Proposals should take advantage of this valuable site’s highway visibility and propose iconic features that help brand the Downtown as an economically strong and vibrant area.

The area is bounded by three multi-lane highways: I-95, Atlantic Boulevard, and Dixie Highway, all major corridors with substantial traffic counts. The City recently assumed ownership of Atlantic Boulevard and Dixie Highway and intends to invest approximately $5 million dollars in renovating these roadways, producing improved landscaping and beautifying the major intersections, as well as major access points to the Innovation District.

Size and location map

Land Use & Zoning

Approximately 65 City and CRA owned parcels of land spread throughout the Downtown, primarily within the Innovation District, are available for development. The parcels fall under the Downtown Pompano Beach Overlay District (DPOD) zoning district. The DPOD encourages an urban form that promotes transit usage and pedestrian oriented development and is governed by a series of Regulating Plans that delineate the specific development standards that must be met and the locations in which they apply. The Sub-Areas Regulating Plan divides the DPOD into three Sub-areas: Core, Center and Edge. The highest density and intensity within the DPOD is allocated to the Core Sub-area.

Zoning Map Land Use Map

The Downtown, a 400-plus acre area, features four distinct sections: The Innovation District, Old Town, the Civic Commons and surrounding neighborhoods. It’s a framework that orders the elements into an inviting network of streets, squares and blocks that blend architecture, landscaping and City planning to make urban areas both functional and attractive. It promotes connections between people and places, between movement and urban form, and between the pedestrian experience and building fabric. This urban design vision draws together all aspects of the physical environment and the community it surrounds to create a place of distinct beauty and identity.

The INNOVATION DISTRICT is the high density, core commercial area where the majority of the CRA and City owned parcels are ready for development. The development of these parcels is a top priority for the City and CRA.

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OLD TOWN is best described as an historic retail and entertainment district. The 1932 Bailey “hotel” has been repurposed into the Bailey Contemporary Arts Center (BaCA), an exquisite cultural arts venue and Old Town’s public plaza is home to the City’s new fire fountain, a unique technological and engineering phenomenon that literally produces fire from the water the fountain sprays.

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The CIVIC COMMONS comprises the existing City Hall and a newly constructed state-of-the-art Cultural Center which includes a digital media center, performing arts venue, exhibit space and public library. Phase 2 of the Civic Commons will feature several acres of developable land.

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The RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS consist of historic housing, together with an emerging mix of single and multi- family dwellings that offer affordable, work-force and market rate housing.

Development Vision

Phase I Contemplated to Include

Office/Flex Space

750,000 Square feet
165,000 Square feet
35,000 square feet
1,500 units (with additional zoning amendments)
Up to 420 room /2 hotels
Open opportunities

Available Support from the City / CRA

  • CRA funds are available for assisting with infrastructure costs on a case by case basis
  • TIF funds are available for P3 concepts
  • Highly technically trained staff to negotiate real estate transactions with future developers

Public Benefits

  • A projected $405 million increase in taxable value
  • Over $42 million in tax increment by 2035
  • Over $36 million in City revenue by 2035
  • Over 4000 new jobs estimated at buildout
  • Over $90 million in retail spending estimated
  • Over $468 million in throughput, or economic activity generated from the project
  • Over $852 million in estimated spin off economic impact
  • A vibrant and exciting place for residents and visitors to live, work and play
Development Vision map