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East Atlantic Blvd Improvements

East Atlantic Boulevard Improvements

east Atlantic renderThis project involves the reconstruction of East Atlantic Boulevard from A1A to Pompano Beach Boulevard/Briny Avenue including wider sidewalks, revised parking configurations and lanes. The first "shovel-in-the-ground" project. Conceptual design work is finished and local property and business owners are in agreement with the proposed changes: reconfigured street lanes, wider sidewalks for outside dining, and enhanced landscaping. The CRA will also work with the businesses to beautify the facades and interiors of their buildings. In the end, this project is intended to become the focal entry point to the beach area. This segment of roadway will house wider sidewalks, on-street parking facilities, and a lush landscaping theme. The main goal is to create a pedestrian friendly and inviting environment and enable local businesses to provide a classy on-street cafe atmosphere.

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Main Design Objectives

  • Create a pedestrian-friendly corridor to dine, shop and enjoy the beach area.
  • Revitalize beach community.
  • Reconfigure roadways to maximize buildable footprint.
  • Widen sidewalks and upgrade landscaping.
  • Attract new businesses to support uses by residents and visitors (i.e., restaurants, beach related retail, etc.).
  • Create connectivity to local businesses.
  • Calming effect on roadways, making businesses noticeable to motorists.