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Finance Department


Welcome to the City of Pompano Beach Finance Department. The Finance Department, which includes a staff of 31 employees consists of the Accounting (payroll, accounts payable, financial and compliance reporting, investing and debt management), Treasury and Customer Service (utility billing/collections) Divisions. The Department provides direct services to the public and internal support services to other City departments. The goal of the Finance Department is to establish and maintain a system of internal controls to safeguard the City's assets and financial records, comply with applicable federal, state and accounting regulations, provide accurate financial information to users in a timely manner, and to obtain the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Accounting Standards Board.

Collection Process

The City of Pompano Beach has referred delinquent accounts (i.e. utility bills, special assessments, parking citations etc.) to an external collection agency after several attempts to collect on these balances internally. In anticipation of questions that may be received from the residents of the City in reference to the collection process, City staff has prepared responses to some "Frequently asked Questions" (FAQs). The responses to the FAQs will assist residents in navigating the process, as well as provide guidance for resolving any disputes.

Finance Department Contacts
Name Email Phone / Fax
Finance Director 954.786.4680
Controller 954.786.4501
Department Head Secretary 954.786.4692 / 954.786.4687
Accounting Supervisor 954.786.4682
Accounts Payable
Sr. Accountant 954.786.4642
Accounting Clerk III 954.786.4576
Accounting Clerk II 954.786.4685
Accounting Clerk II 954.786.4688
Accounting Clerk II 954.786.4683
Payroll Specialist II 954.786.4682
Payroll Specialist I 954.786.4681
Revenue Collections Manager 954.786.4503
Accountant 954.786.4502
Accounting Clerk II 954.786.4647
Head Cashier 954.786.4646