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Emergency Repair Program

The City of Pompano Beach Office of Housing and Urban Improvement (OHUI) is reopening its waiting list for low income City residents seeking assistance through the Housing Rehabilitation and Emergency Repair Programs.

For more information please see this document


The program provides a one-time emergency repair assistance grant to low-income single family detached owner-occupied households up to a maximum of $15,000.
Click the link to view the Home Emergency Program Flyer.

Eligibility Terms

Limited to owner-occupied households. To be eligible for this program, homeowner must live in the house, have homestead exemption and deed must be in homeowner's name. Income qualified homeowners residing with the City of Pompano Beach may apply for the program. Household income cannot exceed 80% of median area income.

Type of Repairs

Repairs are limited to items that present an immediate danger to life, limb, property or safety of the public or the occupants. Interior and exterior repairs (including, but not limited to roof, water heater, plumbing, electrical, sewer, outside repair, windows, doors, ramps, handrails, etc.)

Income Eligibility
Household Size Very Low (50%) Low (80%) Mod (120%) Only for SHIP Fund
1 24,200 38,750 58,080
2 27,650 44,250 66,360
3 31,100 49,800 74,640
4 34,550 55,300 82,920
5 37,350 59,750 89,5640
6 40,100 64,150 96,240
7 42,850 68,600 102,840
8 45,650 73,000 109,560