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Official Website of the City of Pompano Beach

Office Hours and Information

Monday - Thursday - 7:00am to 6:00pm, excluding holidays as observed by the City. Cemetery Office is Closed on Friday.

The City has recently mapped a new section of the cemetery, our Center Lawn. This new lawn provides approximately 3,000+ new plots for purchase. The City also has provided a columbarium in the North Lawn.

Our Center Lawn also has sections where upright monuments can be purchased and installed, as in the South Lawn. North and West Lawns are prohibited from using upright monuments.


City of Pompano Beach Cemetery
400 S.E. 23rd Avenue
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
Office Tel: (954) 786-4138
Office Fax: (954) 784-4937

Terrance Nelson, Jr., Supervisor
Email Terrance

Pricing: Resident and Non-Resident, 10/1/20 - 9/30/21
Size Resident Price Non-Resident Price
Regular Plots
4'x8' (Adult) $2,579.00 $3,640.00
4'x5'(Child) $910.00 $1,416.00
2'x3'(Cremation) $708.00 $1,214.00
Columbarium Niche $1,113.00 $1,618.00
Monument Plots
4'x8' (Adult) $3,439.00 $4,042.00
4'x5'(Child) $1,115.00 $1,822.00
*Pompano Beach Cemetery only Accepts Bronze on Granite Markers, Unless in the Upright Marker Section
Opening/Closing Fee
Size Monday - Thursday to 3pm Saturday to 3pm
Adult $850 $950
Child $250 $350
Columbarium $250 $250
Cremation $250 $350

Additional Information

Our cemetery is governed by the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 92 which can be viewed online at this web site.

The following four section maps can be down-loaded for your ease and convenience to locate plots within the cemetery. Two "you are here" location maps are currently being made and will be placed in the cemetery for your convenience.

North Cemetery Map
Center Cemetery Map
South Cemetery Map
West Cemetery Map