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Sponsorship Application Submission Process

Before you complete our ONLINE application, please review the Sample Application to gather the information needed for your online submission. Please note you will be able to save and resume your progress on the application form. Additionally, it is recommended for best use that you use Google Chrome web browser to complete the application. Lastly, please do not attach your supporting documents until you are ready to submit.

Applications MUST be submitted electronically via online web submission.

The following additional attachments must be submitted via online submission in order for your application to be considered:

  • Submit an updated copy of your IRS W-9 Tax Form in .pdf format
  • Submit a copy of your organization’s IRS letter or certificate, verifying tax exempt status in .pdf format
  • Submit an accurate itemized budget for your program/event. Agency budgets will not be reviewed.
  • Submit a list of Board of Directors in .pdf format
  • Submit a copy of your organization’s Articles of Incorporation in .pdf format
  • Submit your most recent 990 Form in .pdf format
  • If your organization received matching gifts, please upload any letter/formal paperwork that indicates the donor’s commitment to your organization in .pdf format

When attaching files, please label appropriately using the following naming convention:

  • (Name of Your Nonprofit) W9
  • (Name of Your Nonprofit) IRS Letter
  • (Name of Your Nonprofit) Itemized Budget
  • (Name of Your Nonprofit) Board of Directors
  • (Name of Your Nonprofit) Articles of Incorporation
  • (Name of Your Nonprofit) 990 Form
  • (Name of Your Nonprofit) Matching Gift COPB Program and/or Matching Gift For Nonprofit

Applications will not be considered for review if:

  • The application is incomplete
  • The application is not received on time
  • The application fails to include the required attachments
  • Your organization is not a Not For Profit Corporation authorized to do business in the State of Florida

Sponsorship Application

Before proceeding with the application process:

Please review our Funding Priorities / Giving Guidelines to get an understanding of the City’s charitable priorities, application process, deadlines and criteria. If your organization meets our guidelines, we encourage you to fill out our sponsorship application form. You may click on the link below.

Also please review the Frequently Asked Questions before starting the application process to make sure you have all the materials/information you need before applying.

Sponsorship Application Open: April 1, 2021

Sponsorship Application Deadline: April 30, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. SHARP

Sponsorships Announced: Week of July 19, 2021*

*Announcement date is subject to change based on City calendar

Sponsorship Application