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Water Conservation

The City Hall drive-up window is closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please use the drop box next to the drive up window.

Please note that in an effort to assist our customers during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the City of Pompano Beach has suspended cut-offs for past due balances through November 15th, 2020. The City will not be assessing any late fees.
Water Conservation Strategic Plan Objectives Dashboard
Strategic Plan Objective Target/Goal Status
Increase reuse use 5% per year 5% increase over last year
Save 30 MG water per year 30 Million Gallons saved
At or exceeding benchmark goal
Progressing toward benchmark goal
Needs improvement to meet benchmark goal

Did you know?

Rainfall is our region's primary source for replenishing our limited freshwater supply? With forecasts calling for continuing extreme dry conditions, water conservation is more important than ever. The City of Pompano Beach, in partnership with the South Florida Water Management District, are reminding you to conserve water and follow the current two-day-a-week year-round landscape irrigation restrictions to protect water resources and prevent additional water restrictions that may be needed if a water shortage occurs. Reuse water used for irrigation is exempt from the SFWMD irrigation restrictions. You can irrigate 7 days a week. Broward County has restrictions on the time of day 10 am-4 pm which you cannot irrigate with reuse. For more information about irrigation restrictions, water-saving tips and up-to-the minute water conditions, visit

Conservation Program

A water conservation program is mandated as one of the limiting conditions of our consumptive Use Permit. The water conservation program consists of water saving campaigns and efforts that will lower our water consumption. These items supports initiative 2.2 (Expand conservation efforts and other water efficiency efforts) under the Superior Capacity Strategy.

The City promotes water conservation through various ways: The OASIS reuse water connection program for single family residents called the ICanWater program; distribution of plumbing retrofits and informing the public on water conservation through public events and HOA meetings and through the Broward County Mobile Irrigation program we help large users of drinking water such as condominiums save water and money by increasing the performance of their irrigation system and making it more efficient. This program is free of charge and voluntary to these large water users.

How does the ICanWater Program work? It works simply – single family homeowners download and complete this one-page form, notarize it and send it to Utilities. From there, the City takes care of the rest. For single family homes, we take care of the connection and inspection costs, the plumber and the permit.

In short, the I Can Water Program for Single Family Residents offers:

  • No connection or inspection cost
  • You only pay for the usage + continue to pay the availability fee
  • Save money ($1.03 cents per thousand gallons for reuse versus $2.69 per thousand gallons for drinking water)
  • It's safe and good for the environment

Year round Watering Restrictions

View the City of Pompano Beach irrigation schedule

Residences and businesses with an even-numbered street address, no street address, or those who irrigate both even and odd addresses within the same zones, which may include multi-family units and homeowners associations, may water lawns and landscapes on Thursdays and/or Sundays, only before 10:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m.

Residences and businesses that use reuse water for irrigation are allowed to water all days, except between 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Download the latest Landscape Irrigation Water Restrictions for Residents and Businesses

If you have any questions about the current water restrictions call the South Florida Water Management District hot line at 800.662.8876 or the City of Pompano Beach Customer Service Department at 954.786.4637.

Plumbing Retrofits (and how you can get some for free!)

Free Retrofits

The City of Pompano Beach Utilities Department has a free retrofit program for residential City of Pompano Beach Water Service Customers. If you live in a single family or multi-family residence and you get your water from the City of Pompano Beach, you are eligible for a free retrofit kits consisting of two aerators, one sink sprayer and one showerhead every five years. Please contact Molly Thistle at 954.545.7015 or to request yours today!

Kitchen faucet aerators can save:

  • 7,665 gallons of water per year = $ 30.66 /y
  • 433 kWh of electricity per year = $ 57.59/y

(Department of Economic Opportunity data and assuming a water rate of $4.00 /1000 gallons, $0.133 per kWh) Routinely clean out your aerators -This will give you the best flow while also keeping your water clean

Low flow showerheads can save:

  • 10,959 gallons of water a year = $43.84/y
  • 1,607 kWh of electricity a year = $213.73/y

(based on a 3 person household each showering 10 minutes a day, 365 days per year; $0.133 per kWh)

Bathroom faucet aerators can save:

  • 3,285 gallons of water per year = $ 13.14/y
  • 482 kWh of electricity = $ 64.11/y

(based on a three person household each using a bathroom faucet 2.5 minutes per day, 365 days per year)

Using kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet aerator plus a low flow showerhead, you can save:
$87.64 /y on water and $335.43/y on electricity

Mobile Irrigation Lab

The focus of this program is to promote water conservation by efficient irrigation use. The City of Pompano Beach participates in this program and is allowed to select six high water users per year (i.e., condominiums). Once a participant agrees to participate, Broward County irrigation specialists visit the site to see how the efficiency of the sprinkler system can be improved. There are no obligations, just recommendations for improvements. This program is completely free of charge. Please contact Molly Thistle at 954-545-7015, or, if you are interested or have any questions.

Residential Irrigation Rebates

Ready to upgrade your home irrigation system? The City of Pompano Beach, in partnership with Broward County, is offering rebates for installation of EPA WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controllers and pressure regulating spray bodies. Visit to apply, or view this flyer for more information. First come, first served!

Conservation tips

Water Sense Logo What is water conservation? Using water efficiently, to preserve water and avoid waste What are the benefits? Save money, Save water & energy, Save resources (Biscayne Aquifer, wellfields) and save the environment.

Saving Water in and around your home

The average single-family residence in Pompano Beach uses 16 thousand gallons per month. Individual use may vary based on the number of people in your household, and irrigation demand. Click here to read more about saving water in and around your home. Simple ways to save water indoors:


  • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving
  • Only run full loads in washer and dishwasher
  • Hand wash dishes in tub or bin
  • Thaw food in fridge overnight
  • When waiting for hot water out of the tap, collect cold water for plants

Simple ways to save water outdoors:

  • Check hoses, connectors and sprinkler system for leaks
  • Don't mix sprinkler brands, types or sizes in the same zone
  • Check the alignment of existing sprinkler heads and prevent blockage
  • Don't over irrigate, use about 1/2" and 2/3" for deeper roots. How to test: step on grass and look for the grass to spring back. If it does not, it needs water.

Keep in mind that over irrigation leads to: plant disease, plant pests, weak shallow roots, wasted water.

  • Use a rain sensor (per State law mandatory for automatic irrigation systems)
  • Follow irrigation rule restrictions (certain days –except for reuse - and no watering between 10:00 am- 4:00 pm)
  • Use drip irrigation (water soaks into soil, evaporation is reduced)
  • Use the right type of grass (different recommendations depending on the area where you live): Zoysia grass, Paspalum grass and Bermuda grass

Plant Florida friendly plants

  • Place high watering plants in one area
  • Use reuse water for irrigation
  • Fertilize sparingly
  • Mow your grass only to 1/3 of grass length (to encourage roots to grow deeper and grass blades to hold more moisture)

More tips can also be found on the SFWMD website or the EPA website.


EPA WaterSense is sponsoring a Fix a Leak week campaign March 18-24 in which the public is encouraged to check on leaks anywhere inside and outside their home. Pompano Beach is bringing awareness to the week through cable TV, HOA's, and the webpage.

Conservation Questions & Answers

Does the City have a conservation program?

A water conservation program is mandated as one of the limiting conditions of our consumptive Use Permit. The City has a comprehensive conservation program. This program consists of water saving campaigns and efforts that will lower our water consumption. Facets of this program include alternative water supply (such as reuse), building requirements for new construction that save water (required by City ordinance), conservation rate structures, public information/outreach, water conservation tips (webpage and City Tradewinds), retrofits at public events or mailed to customers, presentations at public locations, as well as infrastructure repair and monitoring. We are constantly working toward increasing our conservation goals as a City.

Why does the city need a conservation program?

A good conservation program is like having a good maintenance program around the home. It is our responsibility to take care of our infrastructure and our natural resources (aquifer) by reducing unnecessary consumption and waste. By implementing a variety of conservation measures we use only what we need, leaving more water and resources for the environment as well as future City residents and businesses.

Why should I care about conserving water, it's inexpensive and seems abundant?

Drinking water is not abundant: only a very small percentage on our planet is fresh water and can be used for drinking water. We get our water from the Biscayne Aquifer, as do other locations in South Florida. If the water table gets too low, not only will there be less drinking water for all to share, but salt water intrusion will increase. That would make treatment even more expensive, and thus your water bill possibly higher.
Even though drinking water has been less expensive than other natural resources such as gas, electricity or fuel, conserving water has an immediate effect on your wallet and an indirect effect on water Utility rates. With a growing population, buying more products that need water to be produced, the demand for water will increase and water will become even scarcer. Economics taught us that scarce products will be priced higher.

What does Lake Okeechobee have to do with a water shortage in our City?

Lake Okeechobee normally supplies water to the lower east coast of Florida through the conservation areas as well as the canal system. When water levels fall below levels specified in the Lake regulation schedule, the South Florida Water Management District must stop withdrawals and issue water shortage restrictions. When the Lake reaches certain levels, water may no longer physically pulled from the lake without forward pumps. Upon installation of the pumps, natural flows into the system are disturbed.

What steps can I take to help conserve water?

Please view the conservation tips section on this page.

Who do I call if I see my neighbor watering on the wrong day?

Please call code Enforcement at (954) 786-4361.