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McNab House

McNab House & Gardens

McNab House Exterior


Pompano Beach’s rich cultural heritage dates back to 1908, and is the second oldest city in Broward County. Over the decades, there have been countless historic buildings demolished and replaced with new construction. While new development is essential for a community’s success, the history of a community contributes greatly to its personality. Historic preservation provides a link to the roots of the community and its people. Overall, historic preservation adds to the quality of life making for a more livable community. The location where the McNab house is currently located is being proposed for a development named Atlantic One. Atlantic One will consist of retail space, rental apartments and townhouses ranging from three- to five-story buildings. The McNab house and garage is subject to be demolished and an important part of Pompano Beach’s History will be lost forever. The preservation initiative to save the McNab house and garage was driven by the Pompano Beach Historical Society with strong support from the McNab Family and numerous stakeholders in Pompano Beach.

Purpose and Intent of McNab House & Botanical Garden Project

Preserve The 1926 McNab House from demolition.
Activate McNab Park with a restaurant and garden component.
Create A unique gathering opportunity for residents and visitors unlike any other atmosphere in Pompano Beach.
Continue Economic development along the Atlantic Blvd corridor.

The McNab House and Botanical Gardens concept includes renovations to the House, lush tropical landscaping and water features throughout the site. Additional proposed uses include a restaurant, an open English-style garden design with a gazebo for weddings and other special events. Within the McNab House and Botanical Gardens concept, a paseo is suggested to activate the area with pedestrians and bicyclist. While the concept calls for private operators, it will remain open to the public during business hours.

Strong Community Support

There is strong support by many, including the McNab family, to preserve the McNab House and avoid demolition. The site identified as an alternative location for The McNab House is McNab Park, a few blocks east of the existing home. There is an opportunity to keep the McNab family ties strong by relocating the house to McNab Park. The existing park is on land that was donated by the McNab family to the City of Pompano Beach.

Key Facts

• The existing McNab House, built in 1926, is located at 1736 E. Atlantic Blvd., and the site has been purchased by a private developer, Atlantic Residences, LLC.

• The McNab House and Botanical Gardens project is a CRA project that will take place over 2-3 years. The CRA budgeted $1.5 Million in FY2019 to go towards the project.

• The house and two-story garage will be relocated from its existing site (1736 E. Atlantic Blvd.) to McNab Park (2250 E. Atlantic Blvd.) within the East CRA boundary.

• The Chamber of Commerce offices will relocate as it is not included as a part of the final park design.

• Adaptive reuse of the historic home to become restaurant space is the highest and best use. This concept is modeled after Sundy House in Delray Beach where the venue is actively used for weddings, special events and corporate retreats.

• The concept and combination of restaurant and garden is a well proven one. Some examples include: Deering Estate in Coral Gables, Tavern on the Green in Central Park, Pink House in Savannah, Perricone Restaurant in Miami and many others.

• East Transit Oriented Corridor (ETOC) zoning allows for restaurants.

• April 16th, 2019 the CRA Board voted to preserve the house and gave staff direction to relocate the house to McNab Park.

McNab House Future Rendering


Phase I – Concept and House Move Approval – 2019
Phase II – House Move and Raising of Structure in Destination Site – March 1st, 2020
Phase III – Final Site Concept Approval (Botanical Garden/Restaurant) – 2020
Phase IV – Final Site Development - 2021

As the project moves forward there will be opportunities for the community to provide public input on the park and botanical garden design. The design that has been presented is a preliminary design, no final design has been decided.